Friends of my friends are my friends!

Couleur Caramel presents the NC FRIENDS network!


This logo will help you spot us!

Once a brand becomes a member of our network, this logo will appear when you make a purchase.

What is this?

This is a group of brands that share the same values and affinities as Couleur Caramel. Thanks to them, there are increasingly more brands that offer respectful and very fashionable cosmetic products! 

Very soon, you will be able to enjoy all these advantages:


    You can order products by brands that share your values.


    If you select the “Single Account” option when you create your account with one of the NC Friends member stores, your account will be managed seamlessly across the entire network:

    1 login / 1 password for all the NC Friends shops ! That’s all !


    If you opt for a “Single Account”, you will be able to go from one partner store to another while having just one shopping cart! Added advantage: you can consult your orders, bills, etc. for all stores, no matter which one you visit! Handy, isn’t it?


    With the “Single Account” option, you will always only pay one lot of shipping costs, even if your shopping cart contains items from several partner stores!!!