We were at the charity GALA of LES BONNES FÉES association!

“Les Bonnes Fées” works with the general public to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged, sick and/or isolated people.

Beyond fundraising, the aim is to raise people’s awareness of mutual aid by adopting a lifestyle based on generosity, respect and listening to others.

On the occasion of the association’s charity Gala, Couleur Caramel makeup artist team and the make-up school ITM’s students made up the team and the good fairies, former Miss France! (see photos Elodie Gossuin or Sylvie Thalman for example)

This year, €100,000 were raised, well done!!!!

We lead socio-aesthetic workshops with them 4 times a year, at the patients’ home at the Curie institute. Most of them are women who are undergoing heavy treatment. It is also a moment of exchange between patients to share their personal experiences, concerns, advice…

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