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Couleur Caramel, vegan ?

In the interests of transparency and in order to bestinform consumers on the quality of our products and their composition, we have decided to add new information to allow consumers seeking vegan products to easily locate them.

Occasionally in our formulas we use beeswax (for itssoothing and healing properties) and a pigment, carmine (intense red) derived from cochineal, for certain references of our products (lip and/or eye pencils, lipstick,…).

Now, all the products will be listed on our online store.

Thanks to this logo, you’ll always know which products are right for you !

You can also check for yourself a product’s list of ingredients (INCI) at one of our many points of sale:

  • Beeswax is listed as CERA ALBA (Beeswax)
  • Carmine is listed as pigment CI75470 (Carmine) and is typically found at the end of the list after “May contain”.

The INCI lists ingredients according to their proportion in the formula: from the largest to the smallest quantity.

Our objective has always been to:


  • ensure optimal transparency surrounding the provenance of our raw materials

  • use AB-certified ingredients

  • favour the use of fair trade ingredients

Available in beauty institutes, Couleur Caramel is the make-up brand pioneering the development of 100% natural and organically-certified formulas, based on the values of respect for the environment, animals and humans…